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tonic medicines, which, to me, seem neither necessary nor safe

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degree, and gives rise to contracting sensation in the

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3. Drainage of the Stomach in Acute Peritonitis. —

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force of its ejection, bile and streaks of blood. These

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CCCLXXV. Physicians have differed much in opinion with

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toxine. no drugs fit all cases and the individual must

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2. A Plea for the More Extended Use of the X Rays as an

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1 lu> IS used as follows : The loop of the snare

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through the curve of Carus and its evolutions therein

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At the auto])sy no lesion w^as found outside of the

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mutually excite each other ; so they may be frequently joined,

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Hungary, that he has resigned his membership in the Pro-

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times very severe colics, the pain radiating into the

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Orr, of St. Louis, Dr. E. H. Thrailkill, of Kansas City, and

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10. Cancer of the Breast. — Stone calls this the most

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modest IVIorgagni, on this subject, disturb us, if we consider

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For all TJu-r rr i>.>!i> ilip u»c of the jnire bile acid

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sidering. After discussing the action of the x ray on

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nicated to the stomach ; so the tone of the stomach restored may

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peared to me to be generally superfluous, and often very hurt-

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