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general plan, to make some reflections upon symptomatic hae-

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determinations which might otherwise arise. I say, therefore,

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and a pulse rate of 140. There are greater restless-

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the disease may be often entirely cured. There are indeed many

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accumulation of blood in that system of veins, and consequent-

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which usually exhibits, if closely studied, an initial

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tion of a hollow viscus. a cyst, or abscess. 3. By the

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like Aiken, or Thomasvillc. or Southern Pines, is sub-

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" Besides these species of headach, in which it is doubted

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wall or to the hollow of the sacrum (wliich is very

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bear the sight of that gown until she was delivered of her child,

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ease are considered as possible factors in the ques-

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ptyaHn of the saliva is brought to a rapid close by

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thereby invite a return of paroxysms. It seems to me to be in

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the clamp or the elastic ligature in controlling haemor-

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tically no difference in the reaction of the mass prox-

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cause it is often difificult to reach the hiatus, the

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Rn», F- V . Assistant Sureeon Ordered to the CharUtlon

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pulse, local tenderness, and rigidity, and the diagnosis

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operates so in the case of warm water, is probable ; for this cer-

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tions is never at a loss to know what parasite it is

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There were no rales and no bacilli were found in the

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Erythema ; but when the external inflammation is an exan-

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route. ( ireater accuracy was assured in surgical clean-

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a part of the hysteric disease. Attending at the same time to

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tory centre, are other tlian secondarily involved. Col-

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the most frequent symptom ; 5, the teeth have certain

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