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continued until his sixteenth year. Since that time

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sible to obtain a definite answer with the means at our

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lant, and is not admissible till the fever is abated considerably ;

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condition invites frequent relapses, if only from the

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of the putrid kind, which are always attended with great de-

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change in the elastic fibres of the vessel walls to

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cases, with one exception, h.nd l»een either in physi-

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at present we may accept as an established fact that

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system of methodical Nosology, and becomes the subject of our

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Augustus Caille, of the college faculty, and an address

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tl hI one or two hasty conclusions The cases presented for your inspection this

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sp. 2. The existence of such a tympanites, without any tym-

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abscess of the lungs gives occasion to a purulent expectoration.

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Pr ;>•.,„..„ T f^'iin, of Nnv York, stales:

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Whether any regurgitation of the blood can produce an action

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which so frequently dei)ends upon the transmission of a peculiar

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washing the face with cold water, or applying this to other parts

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pened, rendered it to me sufficiently probable that the ha'matu-

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son, in London Medical Observations, Vol. IV. art. xi.

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most nearly adjusted, so the determination of the blood will

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by adrenalin and digitalis. The rule was to inject 1.5

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thready. Death occurred at seven o'clock. Dr. Rich-

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tion proceeding from the wounded part to the head ; while, on

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tendency, sedentary habits of life and lack of exer-

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will, so it is well known that those modifications of the will

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doses they have in some measure appeared, we have seldom

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a diligent attention to the remote causes which first induce and

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