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versity of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Philadelphia Pennsylvania September
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tricity. Professor Gonnheim gives the details of this case.
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January th. a normal period occurred. On January th
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room and a few hours later shot and nearly killed another
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New York City Hermann M. Biggs Director Bacteriological Laboratory
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host of symptoms referable to disordered nutrition or
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For convenience I will divide these experiments on the arteries into four
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headache and perhaps epistaxis. In the meanwhile the digestive troubles
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appetite may be unimpaired. Some patients can eat compara
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syphilis we must admit their aljility to interfere with the normal
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the large numbers in this class of occupation. Those demanding physical
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merely a vague notion of conducting foul vapours into the kitchen chimney.
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Treatment of dysentery. In the acute form of the disease the
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greatest difficulty encountered was to find the facial but afterward
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is caused Ifv retention of scraps of adherent membranes or
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from bleeding the patient under such circumstances from the
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nar cysts either ischaemic or haemorrhagic. Pseudo porencephalus is
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Yet Professor Polk in a recent paper advises in this very con
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days will cure any case of nursing sore mouth. Treatment
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and is indeed a compliment to the author. The third edition is
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He was the physician of kings and emperors and his private
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American city and see what was being done there in the fight.
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cinomata or certain carcinomata of the stomach intestine uterine
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two series at once revealed striking differences in appearance. The
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We might make similar suggestions regarding the other differential
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the urine assumes a characteristic darkish green color
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Previous to her death Dr. Duhring published another clinical re
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less urgent so soon as the mucous coat has been fairly divided
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Since animals usually swallow the secretions from the lungs
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having been registered within the week in which they occurred
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for a hospital care of cases gratis vaccination etc.
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entitled the Eustachian Tube normally closed except in Deglutition
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