Interesting facts about Medicare you may not know

Interesting facts about Medicare you may not know

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The federal government formulated policies over 40 years ago to offer medical services for Americans. The policies can be somewhat complicated because both policies are somewhat complicated. Here are some information about Medicare that you may not be aware of; and that will give you an glimpse of ​​how insurance works: 1. Medicaid and Medicare provide many similar services, but for different classes of people. Medicare provides services to people over the age of 65 and in other health conditions, while Medicaid is a program for Americans with financial needs. The government continues to develop and expand programs to adapt to dynamic health situations.

2. Medicare insurance consists of 4 parts. Each provides different types of medical costs.

• Part A is part of the medical insurance, which includes hospices admissions, care facilities, and home care services in some cases. Depending on the condition, it is possible to be automatically included in parts A and B, or you may need to register.

• Part B includes permanent medical equipment, medical examinations, qualified prevention services, home health services and some other expenses.

• Part C (i.e. Medicare Advantage) offers private insurance parts A, B & prescription drugs. You have to be registered for parts A and B so you can benefit from Part C insurance.

• Part D handles prescription drugs for outpatient for private insurance companies. You must register for Part A or Part B before you can purchase Part D insurance.

3. Everyone can sign up for Medicare. You can sign up for Medicare Parts A and B at three different times:

• Deadline for initial registration: Once you reach the age of 65, you can sign up 3 months before and 3 months  after your birthday.

• General registration deadline: if you do not register during the first registration phase, you have the possibility to register every year between 1st January and 31st March.

• Special registration deadline: now, if you have a qualifying condition, you can begin receiving health insurance no matter your age. The qualifying situations could include some cancers or a terminal illness, a disability. At the end of the first registration period, you may sign up for Medicare during a special enrollment period should you choose a qualified event, for example: if you leave your existing insurance, for example, or if you lose insurance from your employer.

4. Medicare is not free for most of us. Although Part A does not receive a monthly premium, if you have paid the tax on Medicare for a minimum of 10 years, you have to pay for deductibles and co-insurance, except that you are entitled to assistance. For example, the deductibles of 2016 amounted to about $ 1,270 for each profit period, with a separate co-insurance based on the length of stay. Now, the benefits of Part B cost about $ 104.90 a month in 2016. Prices may be higher for beneficiaries with income above certain limits.

5. Original Medicare do not function with networks. As for Original Medicare, you do not have to fear any networks. You can go to a doctor or hospital that recognizes Medicare. Head to for the best AARP medicare supplement plans to serve you.