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of undoubted service but when the strictures are in
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Bandstone for centuries tlie mortality among men from lung
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on that registration they claim a right to practise.
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often in large cities and capitals and always attended by
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causes. I encouraged the patient therefore to adopt a more rational and
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hence valuable in irritated conditions. Its soothing
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cussion which followed its report showed a habit of philosophical
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In or about per cent. the monthly number of seizures was
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acute poliomyelitis associated with a diplococcal infection of the spinal sac.
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and has shown a proper appreciation of its high mis
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active interference are generally speaking cases of indigestion.
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animalculse so minute that no microscope has as yet been able
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index standing at i. The last inoculation was made some
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tended by the most frightful train of nervous symptoms. The
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think Medically thepatientsshould have oeen washed. I should
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In the former of thefe or miliaria irritata the eruptions were
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adhesive plaster which was found to be perfectly pliable and antiseptic
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gested. The outlines of the disk optic nerve entrance
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possible three four five or six days in gradually emptying the bladder
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Official List of Changes of Stations and Duties cf Of
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The repetition of exploratory punctures he justly observes might produce in
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bruit is very different from the gradual ending of mitral
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mation at any rate a deposition of pus or lymph debility great
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one not well versed in the technic of staining the result
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for the defendant Let the defendant his servants and agents be re
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strument was applied to a patient in the presence of the
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cially seen in severe cases oftyphoid and generally gives rise to
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of the epidemic eiglit to ten colonies of the Bacillus typhosus were
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influence of the current as well as tlie very gradual ad
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other parts. It is remarkable how numerous were the lesions of this
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to the surgeon and get better results. He apologized
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progress or as sequelae of the disease Catarrh of the
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is by no means peculiar to the County of Simcoe but pervades the
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affected. The horse should at once have the catheter
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The Treasurer in a humorous strain made his annual report. Ac
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tions. We believe however that the figures convey a just impression.
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confusion of thought the combinations of which are il
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battle it off and remained at work until he was compelled to
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More supervision.should be exercised not only over the suppliew
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