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feehng. In other words a constitutionally abnormal personality may become

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tain whetlier the current had any part in this performance.

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Delegate. Pennsylvania State Veterinary Medical Asso

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recollect only one case where the opposite extreme was obser ed.

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with sutures of carbolized catgut.. The abdominal cavity

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particular case of operation naturally leads to a search for instances of a

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its prevention of inflammation and furtherance of healing

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to allow the use of instruments and the treatment is then

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the upper lip or in general on any point in the pitui

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It is almost impossible to obtain any juice by scraping

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shown its weakness. As was to be expected the number

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hemorrhage had started from the interstitial vessels of tlie

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and capillaries. Thus the mefenteric veins abforb the blood

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p. and compare nature of wounds by the strong large

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bar muscles being especially affected by a rapid rise of

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so many forms. He concludes from his experiments that no

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Concerning the initial lesion of lepro amp y. Gomez in says that

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a fine spray. During two days partial relief was afforded

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If a modern physician were asked some principles of health gt

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identical in the action of the serum upon the leuco

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search for in voluminous treatises on general chemistry.

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and the case may end fatally. Arthur Van Harlingen.

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the progress of human minute anatomy during the last

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ual contact parenteral exposure to contaminated blood or blood

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bryological research to the handling of specific medical prob

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students on the College Books under the standing of M.A.

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on things not on words in doing rather than in thinking or in

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their osseous structure but from excessive irritability of their

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signs of an excessive amount of colloid material in the thyroid gland. He

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are more special. Frequently the onset is marked by re