How to Eliminate Shaky Hands in the Elderly?

How to Eliminate Shaky Hands in the Elderly?

Today, medicine provides several ways to treat tremor of the hands:


This method is used only as a last resort when the shaky hands create great inconvenience and reduce the quality of life. For example, an elderly patient cannot serve himself/herself, the spoon in his/her hands shake so much that he/she constantly drops food. Surgical intervention (stereotactic thalamotomy) eliminates shaky hands with a high degree of effectiveness, but this method is not without flaws. Therefore, it is recommended to perform surgical intervention only in cases where drug therapy did not give a noticeable result.

Special Diets

Improper nutrition exacerbates shaky hands. Excessive amounts of coffee, fatty, and sweet foods in the diet increases the tremor. A balanced diet will help eliminate the symptoms of shaking hands. Fasting also provides a good result. But, you should not make a decision about fasting without consulting with a nutritionist.

Bee and Leech Treatment

Apitherapy and hirudotherapy are non-traditional methods of treatment. But often they provide a good therapeutic effect. Doctors consider these methods obsolete.

Water treatment (hydrotherapy)

Water is vital for the whole body. Contrast shower is recommended for patients with shaky hands. The alternate action of a cold and hot shower stimulates blood circulation, soothes the nerves & strengthens the immune system.

Prevention of shaky hands in senior citizens:

Lead a healthy active life.

Avoid smoking and consumption of alcoholic drugs. Alcohol dehydrates brain cells, which die upon further dehydration. Alcohol abuse only exacerbates shaky hands. A minor degree of tremor generally does not require therapeutic intervention. To eliminate tremor it is enough to remove anxiety and stress with the help of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation.

Eliminate all causes of tremor.

According to medical recommendations, a senior can undergo a course of treatment with sedatives based on motherwort, valerian, lemon balm, verbena.

  • At night, take a soothing bath with lavender oil.
  • Do not eat spicy dishes and pickles, minimize the doses of salt and coffee, eat more dairy and vegetable products.
  • Take the necessary amount of sleep each night without fail.
  • Consider simple sports like swimming, morning jogging, and walking.

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