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MDCII I. The causes of emaciation may, I apprehend, be

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consider the disease as a hypochondriasis, and as distinct from

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pneumonic affection, which may end in a suppuration ; or it

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feature is the partial or nearly complete calcification

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of Paris dated back thirty-five years. This plan was

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procedure. They used a solution of formalin in a one

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than those of an earlier age ; that persons who are

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Postoperative History. — From the time of operation

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" To these we may add another set of occasional causes,

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are recorded by the physicians of Germany. (See Werlhoff

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Some have supposed, that the disease occurs from a relaxed

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be employed : and I have found nothing more proper or con-

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when it has actually gone to excess. I am, however, well jx;r-

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eclamptic toxaMnia of nephritic origin, the urinalyses

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Rutherford, H. H., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.

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