Medigap Plans: Guaranteed Issue periods

Medigap Plans: Guaranteed Issue periods Some “guarantee issue” periods are assigned to additional Medicare policies. This allows people to request a policy without any insurance denied, regardless of the prerequisites, or to be billed more due to their health status. The rights related to the warranty issue period are guaranteed by federal mandates through the […]

Understanding Medicare supplements and Medicare

Understanding Medicare supplements and Medicare Although Medicare may seem superficially confusing, consulting an experienced broker can help you understand. Medicare is a government health care program for US citizens over the age of 65 years and persons who become qualified for the program through a social security disability. Medicare supports much of the health expenses, […]

Understanding Medicare Advantage

Understanding Medicare Advantage A Medicare Advantage Policy, similar to a PPO, or HMO, is a type of Medicare policy available to Medicare participants. This option is also known as part of Medicare C. These policies are offered by Medicare-approved private health insurance companies. By participating in a Medicare health policy, a participant will receive virtually […]

Reviewing Medicare Supplement Policies

Reviewing Medicare Supplement Policies Medicare supplement agents try to convince seniors to subscribe to a Medicare supplement. They usually communicate with persons who are qualified or close to Medicare-approved age. Although these emails calls, and direct emails are full of interesting offers, you need to take the time to exercise caution. As far as it […]